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CY, formerly known as the Chittenden South Partnership for Youth (CSPY), is a community-based organization dedicated to creating a safe, healthy environment for young people.

The CY website is designed to help spread the word about who we are and what we do. It is divided into seven categories, each represented by a specific ancient symbol. The idea is that these are our "signs of life."

ABOUT US - Find out who makes us tick along with other local resources and educational programs.

EVENTS - CY sponsors many different kinds of events for students, parents and community members. Check out what is coming up! Keep coming back for updated info.

STUDENT LIFE - CY works diligently with a group of high school students to bring a slice of teenage life to our website. View current submissions. Submit your own work!

SAFETY ZONE - CY's mission is to promote a safe and healthy environment for young people. The "Safety Zone" pages are for people looking for ways to get help. If you are concerned about someone's drug use or violent behavior, you are NOT ALONE! There are many places that offer help. Use these pages to reach out!

TRENDS & RESEARCH - There are so many resources and great websites to check out on the Internet. Check out a few of our favorites. Most of them have terrific information on substance abuse and violence prevention, and a few are just for fun.

PARENTS - Parents play a huge role in their children's lives. What they tell their children, and more importantly what they SHOW their children, significantly influences the choices and decisions that kids make. Check out useful tips, advice, and stories.

CONTACT - Find out Who We Are
Become a partner in prevention with CY, or receive more information on our programs simply download the PDF form here. Find out other ways you can contribute to our community or receive important information.


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