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PAST 2013-2014 EVENTS

National ATI (Above The Influence) Day
CY LEAD Promo at CVU
October 18

Access CVU Fall Craft Fair

October19, 9 am - 4 pm

The Hungry Heart showing at Shelburne Town Hall
October 19, 7 pm
5376 Shelburne Rd
Tickets $12 Adults and $6 at the door
The Hungry Heart explores the world of prescription drug addiction through the intimate world of St. Alban's Pediatrician Fred Holmes who works with patients struggling with this disease. In addition, the film interviews a number of older addicts who share their stories of struggle and redemption. The film provides an intimate look at the often hidden world of addiction and recovery and reveals the many challenges that people face in confronting a relentless and difficult disease.

7th National Prescription Drug Take Back Day
Saturday, October 26, 2013 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Take-Back Collection Sites for Chittenden County are listed here:

Red Ribbon Week "A Healthy Me is Drug Free"
October 23-31

Race Vermont Shelburne 1/2 Marathon
November 3rd, 8 am

Turning Point Fundraiser at Smart Suites, Shelburne Rd
November 7, 7 pm

Annual OVX and VKAT Youth Summit
November 19, 8:30 am - 3:00 pm
For more than a decade, Our Voices Xposed (OVX) and Vermont Kids Against Tobacco (VKAT) have been taking a stand against the tobacco industry's tactics to exploit youth. This year, youth will come together to develop tools and skills to successfully deliver their anti-tobacco and youth empowerment messages to the media.

Great American Smoke Out
November 21

National Drunk and Drugged Driving Month
December 2013

National Mentoring Month
January 2014

CY Mentoring Benefit Dinner
Tuesday, January 7
between 5:00-9:00 pm
Hinesburg Public House

CY Parent Workshop Series

Hinesburg at CVU on January 16, 23, 30
6-8 pm (8th-12th Grade Parents)

Middle School Retreat
January 24-25

National Drug Facts Week
January 27-February 2

CY Parent Workshop Series

Williston at TBD on February 8
9 am - 3 pm (5th-7th Grade Parents)

COA Awareness Week
February 9-15

CY Parent Workshop Series

Shelburne/Charlotte at TBD on March 13, 20, 27
6-8 pm (5th-7th Grade Parents)

Kick Butts Day
March 19

Here is what happened during 2012-2013 school year!

CVU Summer Camp
July 8-11, 15-18, 22-25, 29-Aug 1
CVU High School
Campers & Counselors made some CY PSAs: Cyberbullying - Stress

CVU Mock Trial
May 2, 8-11 am, CVU Auditorium

Aw Shucks
Aw Shucks 2013 Recognition Night
April 8, 7-9 p.m. CVU

Leadership Conference March 22-23, 2013
1. Collaboration between county school prevention groups. It helps encourage the kids to see that there are others kids doing this work too.
2. Each school group will leave with a plan of action for Red Ribbon Week and National Above the Influence Day – that is focused on their school.
3. Each school group will leave with a plan of action for a community focused prevention project.
4. Each group will leave with skills and a plan to engage new and younger members.

Red Solo Cup Week at CVU
April 30-May 4, 2012

CVU Mock Crash & Critical Incident Stress Debriefing Team
May 3rd, 2012 for all CVU Juniors & Seniors, 9:45 am - 11:30 pm

Aw Shucks
Aw Shucks 2012 Recognition Night Slideshow
April 2, 7-9 p.m. CVU

AW SHUCKS Awards Ceremony
Please join us as we honor the many volunteers in Charlotte, Hinesburg, Shelburne, St. George and Williston who have dedicated their time to supporting youth and families! Community members of ALL ages are encouraged to attend! Come learn what you can do to help promote a more caring community! Want to participate in CY Events or Planning Activities?
View Past Recipients of AW SHUCKS Awards Ceremony

Kick Butts Day -
March 21, 2012

Great American Smokeout
November 17, 2011

December is National Drunk Driving Month

January is National Mentoring Month

April is Alcohol Awareness MonthFebruary 26- March 3, 2011 is National Eating Disorders Week

March 19-23, 2011 is National Youth Violence Prevention Week

Great American Smokeout
November 17, 2010

Access CVU Craft Fair
- click here for more info
October 15, 2011
9am - 4 pm

Red Ribbon Week
October 23-31, 2011

2010 - 2011 School year

No TxTing While Driving
Saturday, June 11, 11 am - 6 pm
Maple Tree Place in Williston - click for more details

Welcome to the Adolescent Brain
with Michael Nerney - Listen to broadcast at
Thursday, May 26th, 7 pm
CVU Auditorium - click for more details

AW SHUCKS Awards Ceremony - Monday, November 8th, 7:00-8:30 pm - click to view/print Flyer
CVU High School Band Room (Rm 163)

Please join us as we honor the many volunteers in Charlotte, Hinesburg, Shelburne, St. George and Williston who have dedicated their time to supporting youth and families! Community members of ALL ages are encouraged to attend! Come learn what you can do to help promote a more caring community!
View Past Recipients of AW SHUCKS Awards Ceremony

Welcome to the Adolescent Brain
with Michael Nerney
- Listen to broadcast at
Thursday, May 26th, 7 pm
CVU Auditorium - click for more details

Chittenden County Collection of Unused Prescription Drugs
April 30, 10 am - 2 pm - click for more details

Sticker Shock
April 11-15

Prevention Day in Montpelier
April 19

Medicine Collection Days at Kinney Drugs 

Saturday, February 26th & March 26th

Brick Church Concert benefiting CY
- February 18
Click for more details

Red Ribbon Ceremony @ Vermont Statehouse - December 9

CVU Alumni Reunion for the 21+ Crowd--Turkey Trot It Downtown!
Wednesday, November 24, 2010 at 7:00pm
Downtown Burlington, VT at Nectars

See for more info

Governors Youth Leadership Conference - November 22

Great American Smokeout- November 18th

Make a Pledge for a Smoke-Free Zone
Submit a Pledge Form and Enter to Win a CY Prize
Breathe in, breathe out. Simple, right? But if the air around you has secondhand smoke, every breath you take could lead to lung infections, asthma, allergies – even cancer and heart disease.   You can make the air around your friends, family, and your pets safe to breathe by creating a “smoke-free zone” around them. 
Did you know Second Hand Smoke contains more than 50 cancer-causing chemicals?
Click here to read more info on the risks of smoke exposure.

National Medication Take Back day
September 25th, 10 am - 2 pm
Turn in your unused or expired medication for safe disposal

Click here for collection sites

CVU MOCK TRIAL- May 6th, 8:15 am & 10:00 am- Click to see Press Release
Pre- Prom Activities May 3rd-May 7th, 2010

This year during the week before prom EVERY student will be having an educational program with the following goals:
• Raise awareness about the impact of:
• Driving while under the influence of alcohol or another drug
• Riding in a vehicle with a driver who is under the influence
• Riding in a vehicle without a safety belt

"LIBBY PIERCE DRINKS" Performance by CY -Click to view flyer
Click to see Feedback Form

  • All Freshman  Monday, April 5th Block 2 (10am)  white day  CVU Auditorium

  • Evening Show open to all adults and high school students   Tuesday, April 6th 7pm 

  • All Sophomores  Friday, May 7th Block 3 12pm red day  (all sophomores will eat A lunch)

See how CY addresses under-age drinking
and other risky youth behaviors to students & parents!

Social Networking for Families – click here to view class notes
Wednesday   6:30-8:30 p.m.   1 week   Starts April 14

Texting, Tagging, & Twitter, Oh My!  Take a walk on the yellow brick road of Social Networking Wizardry.  All members of the family are welcome to join an engaging tour of how communication has changed.  This 2 hour workshop will provide general information on the protocols of Texting, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks through the use of demos, hands-on activities and other resources.  Learn to utilize social networks for personal & business relationships. Promote healthy ways to network amongst friends & family. This 2 hour workshop will provide useful demos, resources, and hands-on activities.  An Access special request by attendants of "Text This!"  Any parent & student who participates together will receive a $20 gift certificate to an Access class.

Prevention Day at Statehouse
April 14th in Montpelier

A Dramatic Look at Underage Drinking: Student Performance of the Short Play
“Libby Pearce Drinks” followed by dialogue and dessert with the CSSU Community
Tuesday, April 6th from 7 - 8:30 pm in the CVU Auditorium

In a gripping and highly realistic way, "Libby Pearce Drinks" examines the issues of responsibility and relationships, as seen through the prism of a teenage alcohol prank gone awry. The play, which features CVU student actors, Campbell Dunsmore, Georgina Gelineau-Boyle, Allison Giroux, and Callan Suozzi-Rearic and is directed by Robin Fawcett, exposes how careless life decisions can invite costly outcomes. Some of the themes include group dynamics, bullying, self-esteem, peer pressure, revenge, jealousy, and alcohol use. This event is geared toward youth and parents of 9th – 12th graders and offers an opportunity for rich thought and discussion around making positive life choices. The event includes the 40-minute play, as well as dessert and guided small-group discussions. Here’s what others are saying about the play: “The message, and the way it was delivered, was incredibly powerful…” and, “It was really true-to-life…and an influential experience!”
We are only offering one evening performance. We expect the event to be popular, and seating is first come, first serve. Please be aware that the play contains strong content and language. To learn more about the event, please contact Margo Austin at or 482-7156. You can also visit the CY website at

Grade 8 Mixer for CSSU 8th Graders at Hinesburg Community School
March 26th, 7:00-9:00 pm at HCS

David Walsh Parent Presentation
March 31st at Burlington High School
April 1st at Mount Mansfield High School

Surviving Adolescence: Simple Ways to Understand and Help Teens & Pre-teens
An Evening Workshop with Michael Nerney - click to see flyer
Montpelier High School Auditorium - Tuesday, March 16, 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Queen Bees & Wannabes: Navigating the New Realities of Girl World and Boy World

A Presentation by Rosalind Wiseman (click here to view flyer)
Tuesday, January 26th at 6:30 p.m. at St. Michael's College

TWEET YOUR FEEDBACK about Text This at

"Text This" - Dinner, Drama, Dialogue & Dessert on Monday, November 23, 6:45-8:30 pm
Do you wonder how your child's world is different with all the technology?
6-12th Grade students & parents are invited to attend
An intimate conversation Amy had online with a boy she likes has been cut and pasted so many times that she is now the laughing stock of the school. Even worse, she has been receiving threatening text messages, and her family has been plagued by a series of anonymous, offensive phone calls. The play opens as Amy sits alone in a classroom. Soon, three of her "friends" will meet there, and as the play turns from on half-truth to the next, the girls will find themselves forced to confront not only their role in what has happenened, but what their actions betray about themselves.
Contact Margo Austin at 802-482-7156 or for more info


CY Fall Retreat November 13th and 14th at the Round Hearth in Stowe. Students created Public Service Announcements while at the CY Retreat. Check out CY Public Service Announcements
CY will have an overnight retreat on Friday, November 13th and Saturday the 14th at the Round Hearth in Stowe. In past years we have taken about 30 students. Many students who attend are already involved in CY but this is NOT required! It is a great way for students to learn more about CY. The theme for this retreat is "media, substance use and you." During the retreat students will work in groups and create PSA's. Students from the prevention group LEAD are busy planning this event. The feedback we receive from students is they have a great time and form a close bond with other students from CVU. Applications are linked below or on my door in the Direction Center and on the bulletin board in 4 corners. They are due November 4th. Please talk this up in advisory! Thanks for putting the word out. Feel free to share the link with your advisees. Application and Permission Slip to Margo Austin
-Click here for the Permission Slip
-Click here for the Application

"AW SCHUCKS" Recognition Night November 10th!
We honor community volunteers for their contributions to supporting youth and families in making healthy choices. 
Thanks to our past recipients!

Register for Access CVU classes at Here are some CY specific offerings this Fall. More coming in the Winter Session!

Whose Line Was That? Theater Improv Workshops for Teens
Saturday p.m. 3 weeks Starts September 26

Staying Connecting With Your Teen
Tuesday   6:00-8 p.m.   5 weeks   Starts October 6

Parenting Success Seminar-Monthly Support Group
Saturday 11:00-1:00 p.m. 3 weeks Starts September 26

CY Video Highlights 2008-2009

July 2009: CVU SUMMER CAMP for Incoming 9th Graders - Create a good transition to high school at this interactive Camp. Register for either session A or B during the month of July! More info at

Mock Crash at CVU on April 29, 2009

Drinking is NOT just a MINOR problem!.
Teen parties happen nearly every weekend at homes, in the woods, in the fields, and at the Lake. Parties SHOULD be about hanging out with friends and having fun. However, this all changes with alcohol. Fights, vandalism, sexual assault, other criminal acts, drownings, and falls can occur at parties involving alcohol. As a parent, if you are going to HOST a party for teens where there might be alcohol, you should be familiar with Vermont's liability laws.

Did you know If you sell or furnish alcohol to a person under age 21 you can be fined $1,000, imprisoned for up to two years or both? Even if you do so on your own property? If someone at your party drinks too much and dies, you may be prosecuted for involuntary manslaughter? You can be required to pay civil damages for injuries incurred by a party-goer or a third person? So if you're thinking about hosting a party for teens where this is alcohol, think again!

A Sobering Experience for CVU Students

There were sirens, ambulances, fire trucks, even a trauma center helicopter!  On Wednesday, April 29th, emergency services personnel from Shelburne, Hinesburg, Williston and Charlotte came together to present a Mock DWI Crash for  600+ juniors and seniors at Champlain Valley Union High School.  Working in conjunction with students from CY-Connecting Youth's LEAD program, firefighters, EMT's and police officers staged a simulated crash designed to help students understand the far-reaching impact of underage drinking and driving under the influence.  "This is particularly important as prom and graduation season near," said Student Assistance Program Counselor, Jen Bickel-Hayes.  "Students need to think ahead and have a plan that will help keep them safe."
One highlight of the event was when the Dartmouth Hitchcock medical helicopter landed on the baseball field so that students could see what happens when a person in critical condition needs transport to a trauma center.  Senior, Sara Kassel, played the role of a severely injured youth involved in the crash.  Wearing stage make-up made to look like blood, Sara was pulled from an SUV using the "jaws of life" and then whisked into the medical helicopter.  Another highlight from the event was a presentation by Dr. Dan Melo, DMD, who spoke to students about his experience being in a car crash, hit head on by an impaired driver last October.  His message?  "Life is about choices--and tragedies from impaired driving are 100% preventable."

This event was part of National Alcohol Awareness Month and included a comprehensive school- wide prevention effort.  The entire week was dedicated to promoting student health and safety.  Besides the Mock Crash, there were also speaker presentations for freshman and sophomores.   Student Kathleen Leach remarked,  "Seeing this event opened my eyes to the drama and chaos of an actual car crash. Just the noise alone from rescue vehicles and tools being used had the students completely silent, staring intently. I think the intensity and images of the crash scene will stay in students' minds and hopefully encourage them to make good decisions!"  Senior Katie Emerson from Hinesburg echoed these thoughts, "I was struck by the presentation because it was the first time I realized that even when you are lucky enough to survive a crash, there are months and years of medical consequences.  I think the week of Mock Crash will make a difference."

CY and CVU would like to give special thanks to Jim Buell for chairing the work group that planned this event, as well as Central Towing Service, Tyler Wainer, and the twelve fire and rescue agencies involved!  To learn more about underage drinking prevention in our area, contact CY Coordinator Dayna Scott at 383-1211 or e-mail

Pre- Prom Activities April 27th-May 1st, 2009
This year during the week before prom EVERY student will be having an educational program with the following goals:
• Raise awareness about the impact of:
• Driving while under the influence of alcohol or another drug
• Riding in a vehicle with a driver who is under the influence
• Riding in a vehicle without a safety belt

Underage Drinking Enforcement Training Center's
National Electronic Seminar on Adolescent Development and Alcohol:
Brain, Body, Behavior and Cultural Context
April 23, 2009 3:00 - 4:15 p.m. (EST)
In part two of their look at the interaction between alcohol and the developing adolescent brain, the presenters will discuss not only the latest research on the pre-adolescent and adolescent brain, but also other aspects of adolescent physiology and psycho-social development and how they interact in response to alcohol exposure. This information can help enhance work with law enforcement, parents, communities and decision makers. Given developmental determinants, the question of how teens would be expected to interpret conflicting environmental messages underscores the need to be even more focused on environmental strategies. Join UDETC on the cutting edge of research as it applies to your prevention and enforcement efforts. To sign up for the free seminar, visit UDETC's website at []

Parenting Tips for Success--One Day Seminar
Saturday, April 4th, 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 pm
Don't have time to take a five-week course? CY will offer a one day seminar to help parents polish their skills and provide tips on how to face some of the more challenging issues associated with raising kids.  This seminar will be held on Saturday, April 4th, from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm at CVU High School.   Throughout the day, parents will learn how to: strengthen family bonds; improve communication amongst all members of the family; set clear expectations and guidelines; express and control anger in healthy ways; increase children’s participation in the family; and help young people make healthy choices.

The day is open to parents and guardians of children in grades 5-10 and includes lunch and snacks. The cost is $30 per parent and some scholarships are available. Childcare may be available upon request.  Pre-registration is required and space is limited, so sign up soon!   For more information or to register, please call Jen Bickel-Hayes at 482-6951 or e-mail .

Staying Connected to Your Teen
Tuesday     6:00-8:00  p.m.     3 weeks     Starts March 31

Develop positive family management skills and discipline practices, Learn how to help your child makes healthy choices, Share and learn from other parents in the same boat. Instructor:  Jen Bickel-Hayes     Fee:  $20
For more information or to register, please call Jen Bickel-Hayes at 482-6951 or e-mail .  

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009
Reality Gap--Presentation for Teens and Parents
Stephen Wallace, renown national speaker and author of the best-selling book "Reality Gap: Alcohol, Drugs and Sex--What Parents Don't Know" will be coming to CVU High School on Tuesday, March 17th! Are you familiar with the term "cutting"? Think 420 is just a number? Ever heard of a "punch bowl" party? Come find out these things and more! This event is free but donations are welcome. Before the presentation, CY will sponsor a dinner and community forum from 5:45 to 7:00 pm. Please contact Dayna at 802-383-1211 or e-mail for more details.!



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