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There are so many resources and great websites to check out on the Internet. Here are a few of our favorites. Most of them have terrific information on substance abuse and violence prevention, and a few are just for fun. We will be continually updating the links page, so if you have any recommendations, please e-mail Dscott@cssu.org. Thanks!

Links to other great prevention sites:

ACME Media Literacy link for information about media literacy at www.acmecoalition.org.

Green Mountain Peer Projects, which offers peer leadership and prevention trainings to youth from across Vermont, is located at www.gmpp-vt.org.

The Center for Health and Learning, which offers many different workshops for teachers and community members, can be found at www.healthandlearning.org

Results from the statewide "Youth Risk Behavior Survey," which questions young people about their attitudes and behaviors related to drug use and violence, can be found at http://www.state.vt.us/adap/yrbs%202001.pdf

Vermont substance abuse and prevention news is at www.state.vt.us/adap

The campaign for tobacco free kids is located at www.tobaccofreekids.org

Substance abuse information and facts about addiction can be found at www.forreal.org

Prevention ideas and resources for teachers and school staff are at www.teachersguide.org and also at www.nida.nih.gov/teaching.html

A great youth-oriented website on prevention is www.freevibe.com

A great resource for research on substance abuse is at www.straightscoop.org

Information about the brain and effects of substance use can be found at www.howstuffworks.com/brain1.htm and www.brainplace.com.

www.ncadd.org is the site for the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. It contains information on substance abuse and addiction, as well as detailed information on different types of drugs and their effects.

www.health.org is the National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information. Again, it has very specific details on individual types of drugs, including updates on more unfamiliar but increasingly popular drugs like "Ketamine."

www.well.com/user/woa is the Web of Addictions site. Here you will find resources about various kinds of dependencies and how to get help for them.

www.CPPrev.org is Creative Partnerships for Prevention. This site includes resources about other communities who are using creative ways to help reduce substance abuse and violence.

www.nida.nih.gov is part of the National Institutes of Health and provides information on drug abuse from a public health perspective.

www.prideusa.org is the official website for PRIDE, Inc., an organization for parents. Check out this site for information on parenting for prevention!

www.resiliency.com is the site sponsored by Resiliency in Action, and it includes wonderful information for parents and teachers on promoting the strengths in our children!


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